"After finding multiple brands to bring on, it was a huge bonus to find out that Salmanazar had already taken care of United States compliance and had goods ready for pickup in a stateside warehouse!  Gabrielle and her team are always responsive to our questions and check in with us regularly.  They also allow us to be in contact with our producers for direct questions.  I could not imagine a better exporter relationship."

“We had to chance to discover and taste a fantastic range of New Zealand wineries at the Salmanazar stand at ProWein in 2017. Thanks to the good advice and commercial follow up from Gabrielle and her team we started distribution in Belgium and Luxembourg. For a specific niche market like New Zealand wines, it is a fantastic trump to have a representative in Europe that can help to facilitate the contacts between importers and producers.”

“As a small player in the wine market in Denmark it's a huge benefit to deal with Salmanazar. We receive ongoing proactive information on product trends and development of the New Zealand wines. Collaboration, on time delivery are key deliverables from Gabrielle and the team. We can only give the best recommendation on Salmanazar”